Step into the world of Laverty Apothecary’s custom scent creations, right in the heart of Rockhampton, Queensland. Specialising in personalised fragrances, we invite you to blend a scent that’s uniquely yours. Our collection, perfect for crafting Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salts, Body Creams, and Deodorants, is designed to cater to your individual taste, making each product an ideal gift experience.


Choose From:
Essential Oil Blends: Balance, Jazi, Sweet Vovo, Sweet Apple Pie (currently available in Sugar Scrub) + Bergamot + Lavender + Lemon + Lime + Orange + Patchouli + Rose + Sandlewood + Tangerine + Vanilla + Ylang Ylang


With an array of essential oil blends and single notes, including Balance, Jazi, and the exclusively available Sweet Apple Pie in our Sugar Scrub range, you’re sure to find the perfect aroma to match your mood or create an unforgettable gift. Select your favourite from our curated list and let us craft a beauty essential that’s as unique as you.